At Maztech PartsWorld, we specialise in parts for late model Japanese and NZ New Mazdas. The Mazda 3 is one of our most popular models and we carry a wide range of New & recycled Mazda 3 parts on the shelves.

Simply use the Online Parts Search to locate the part that you require. If it’s not already disassembled and refreshed, ready to ship, it’ll likely be available on a vehicle that is in the process of being dismantled.

Mazda 3 Parts

Here at Maztech Partsworld, we have a huge range of Mechanical Parts: Engines, autos, gearboxes, diffs, cylinder heads, rotary engines, turbos.

You will also find a massive range of Panel Parts, Electrical Parts, Suspension Parts, Auto Glass Parts and Trim Parts.

We’ve also got you covered for liquid and hydraulic parts, such as Fuel System Parts, Air Conditioning Parts and Brake Parts. We’ve even a full range of the little things, like sunroofs, stereos, tow bars, window regulators, mirrors and much, much more.

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